Welcome to the Pitman Golf Course Hole in One Club!

For a golfer, making a HOLE IN ONE is considered a tremendous accomplishment and it's also something that rarely occurs.  In fact, most golfers never even come close to making an "ACE" their entire life so for those who do score a "1" on the card, it's always a memorable day.  This year we will once again showcase on our website all the golfers who record a Hole In One at the Pitman Golf Course.  This will be the official record so congratulations and brag away!

Good luck to everyone and thank you for your support at the Pitman Golf Course!

Official 2018 Hole in Ones;

It's been a cold winter but we finally got our 1st ACE of the year!  Congratulations to Chris Smith of Philadelphia, PA for making the shot; 

Chris scored his Hole In One at the 17th Hole using his pitching wedge and a Vice Pro golf ball. 

Great story - imagine you are playing by yourself late on a winter day and you make a hole in one but nobody saw it.  That's what almost happened to Chris but luckily there was another player nearby who was able to attest the shot and Chris' excitement!

Congratulations to Mr. Edward "Matt" Barycki of Mullica Hill, NJ for making his very first HOLE IN ONE!

Matt scored his ACE on April 1st (Easter Sunday) at the 17th Hole using his 8 iron and a Callaway golf ball.

Matt was involved in an intense match with his buddies and his longtime rival, Rick Sadler - this shot helped secure bragging rights for the foreseeable future, at least until Rick makes his first hole in one!

Congratulations to Mr. Tom Ford of Laurel Springs, NJ for make his very first HOLE IN ONE!

Tom made his ACE on April 22nd at the 17th Hole using his 9 iron and a Taylor Made golf ball.

Tom was especially happy, not only for his shot but also because the bar bill was limited thanks to some of his regular group not being there after the round!