Welcome to the Pitman Golf Course Hole in One Club!

For a golfer, making a HOLE IN ONE is considered a tremendous accomplishment and it's also something that rarely occurs.  In fact, most golfers never even come close to making an "ACE" their entire life so for those who do score a "1" on the card, it's always a memorable day.  This year we will once again showcase on our website all the golfers who record a Hole In One at the Pitman Golf Course.  This will be the official record so congratulations and brag away!

Good luck to everyone and thank you for your support at the Pitman Golf Course!

Official 2019 Hole in Ones;

It's a HOLE IN ONE for Mr. Len DeFrank of Pitman, NJ!!!

Len made his ACE on September 18th at the 14th Hole using his #5 Hybrid.

Nice shot Len!

Congratulations to Mr. Paul Bullock of Wenonah, NJ for scoring his very first HOLE IN ONE on July 21st!

Paul was competing in our monthly Men's Golf Association's Event when he holed out on the 14th using his 9 iron!

His ACE helped his team win a match of cards on the back nine - way to go Paul!

What a day for Cheryl Kaufmann of Turnersville, NJ - She made her first HOLE IN ONE on June 18th!  

Cheryl scored her ACE on the 17th hole using a Rescue club.

She was playing in the Pitman Ladies Golf Association's weekly event which she went on to WIN and she also WON the Ladies Shootout event - great playing Cheryl!

Check out this guy - he's happy, he just made a HOLE IN ONE!  Congrats to Mr. Jack Bauer of Sewell, NJ for scoring his first career on June 5th - Jack made his ACE on the 8th hole using his 9 iron!

Jack made the great shot during the Pitman Senior Men's League so his shot qualifies him for the hole in one pot at the end of the season - way to go Jack!

We close the month of May out with one more great shot...Congratulations to Mr. Barry Billman of Turnersville, NJ for making a Hole In One on May 31st!  Bary scored his ACE on the 14th Hole using his 8 iron.

Mr. Billman has been playing golf for more than 60 years and this is his first HOLE IN ONE - there's hope for everyone who's still trying!

Check out the latest member of our 2019 Hole In One Club...Congratulations to Mr. Hugo Bruegel of West Deptford, NJ for making his ACE on May 25th! 
Hugo scored his memorable shot at our toughest Par 3 here at Pitman, hole #4 - he used his 3wood and a Nike golf ball. 

He actually thought he saw his ball fly over the green and then his son looked in the hole and there it was! What a great way to find out and even better that your son was with you to share the moment - great shot Hugo!

Two days and 2 HOLE IN ONES - Congratulations to Nicholas Daniello of Woodbury, NJ for making his very first HOLE IN ONE on May 11th! 

Nicholas scored his ACE at the 14th hole using a Titleist golf ball and his 7 iron. Nicholas may not appreciate how hard it is to get a HOLE IN ONE since he's only been playing golf for 3 years, but he certainly knows how expensive it can be after the round at the bar! 

On a side note, he made his ACE during the epic Trewin Group President's Cup Battle which is a 36 hole event.  

Check this out...Congratulations to Mr. Chalie Ondrejka of Philadelphia, PA for making a HOLE IN ONE on Friday, May 10th during the 8th Annual Honoring Sandrino's Sacrifice Golf Tournament! 

Chalie made his shot on the 17th hole - and yes, there was a prize for a free two year lease of a Lexus ES350! 

According to the guys in his group, it was THE ONLY good shot he hit all day!  Way to go Chalie!

Congratulations to Mr. Len Staskiel of Wenonah, NJ for making a HOLE IN ONE on April 21st.!  Len ACED the 14th Hole hitting a knockdown 8 iron and a Titleist golf ball. 

It was a great shot and even one of his playing partners yelled when it was tracking in the air, "this is going in"!  Great shot Len!

Great shot Mr. Bob Baruzzi of Pitman, NJ! 

Bob ACED the tough 4th Hole on March 13th using his 4 iron and a Titleist golf ball. 

We don't get many hole in ones on the 4th hole so when we do it's quite an accomplishment - well done Bob!

The first HOLE IN ONE of the year for the golf course and the FIRST for Mr. Jason Squires of Conway, AR!  Jason ACED the 17th hole using his Pitching Wedge and a Titleist golf ball.  Way to "break the ice" for everyone else this year, let the Hole In Ones come now!