Welcome to the Pitman Golf Course Hole in One Club!

For a golfer, making a HOLE IN ONE is considered a tremendous accomplishment and it's also something that rarely occurs.  In fact, most golfers never even come close to making an "ACE" their entire life so for those who do score a "1" on the card, it's always a memorable day.  This year we will once again showcase on our website all the golfers who record a Hole In One at the Pitman Golf Course.  This will be the official record so congratulations and brag away!

Good luck to everyone and thank you for your support at the Pitman Golf Course!

Official 2017 Hole in Ones;

Sometimes you don't need confidence to get a HOLE IN ONE - That's what happened to Mr. George Leder of Glassboro, NJ when he scored his ACE at the 17th hole.

He wasn't sure if he would clear the water so he pulled an old "water ball" out of his bag to use and BOOM, in the hole it went!

Way to go George!

There's no better time to make a HOLE IN ONE than in a tournament and that's exactly what Mr. Mike Leonardo of Williamstown, NJ did!  

Mike was playing in the Men's Club Championship on August 20th when he came to the 17th Hole at Pitman and spun his golf ball back into the hole for his ACE!  He was using his 9 iron and a Bridgestone golf ball.

Congratulations to Mr. Dale Dalton of Mullica Hill, NJ for making his HOLE IN ONE on July 8th.  Dale hit what is playing partners called, "a great shot that flew right into the hole with no bounce!".  This was Dale's first ACE and he made it on the 17th Hole here at Pitman using his 58 degree sand wedge and a Kirkland golf ball.

The streak is over - Congratulations to Mr. Robert Carolla of Landisville, NJ for making a HOLE IN ONE on June 17th.  Robert is the first golfer of the year to make an ACE on a hole other than the 8th here at Pitman!  Robert scored his shot at the 17th Hole using his #4 Hybrid and a Titleist golf ball.  It was a great shot but Robert didn't even know it went in until his playing partners started jumping up and down - Robert had turned away after he hit the shot!  This was a memorable shot as Robert shared the moment with playing partners; Dennis Carolla, Marco Carolla and Jesse Carolla.

Congratulations to Mr. Stephen Hall of Mays Landing, NJ for making a HOLE IN ONE on May 16th at the 8 Hole.  Mr. Hall used his 8 iron and a Pinnacle golf ball to score his shot!  The shot was witnessed by his golfing buddies;  Jeremy Hall, Ben Green and Tom Harr.  Way to go Steve!

Mr. Jack Dubbs of Woodbury, NJ said he had a feeling he was going to get a HOLE IN ONE and guess what - he did!

Congratulations to Jack for scoring his very first ACE on April 27th at the 8th hole.  

He used his 9 iron and a Titleist golf ball to get the job done!

Hole #8 is dominating as the spot to get your next HOLE IN ONE!  Congratulations to Mr. Joe Daubert of Sewell, NJ for making his memorable shot on April 14th, 2017 (Good Friday).

Joe scored his ACE using his 9 iron and a Srixon golf ball.  He was playing with his group and one of the guys pointed out that he had made a hole in one many years ago on - guess what day - Good Friday!  

Note to self - play golf on Good Friday next year!

Here we go - another Hole In One!  It took only one day to get the 2nd one of the season:  Congratulations to Mr. Timothy Jaep of Pitman, NJ for scoring his very first career ACE!  Tim made his shot at the 8th Hole at Pitman which is currently a temporary hole playing to about 100 yards.  Tim used his 7 iron and a Nike golf ball.  Tim was able to enjoy his shot alongside his father, Mr. George Jaep.

Tim almost missed seeing the shot go in the hole because he was taking cover after hearing the group in front of his yell, "FORE!"  He did look up just in time to see the ball hit the green and roll right into the cup!

Congratulations to Mr. Mark Rybak of Mantua, NJ for making the first HOLE IN ONE of the season at the Pitman Golf Course!  Mark ACED the 8th Hole at at Pitman which is currently a temporary hole playing to about 100 yards.  Mark used his sandwedge and recorded his first career Hole In One on February 24th.  Mark is picture on the right holding the "official" ball and he is with his golfing buddy, Matt Dicarlo.